Mookambika Dental Chair Basic Version

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  • Body contoured Electrically operated Dental chair with Zero program with Right arm rotatable.
  • LED Operating light having 30000 lux on/off and intensity control by non touch sensor with 3 directional movement.
  • Chair side Porcelain spittoon with Auto water connection.
  • High and low vacum motorised “DRYCO” suction with auto drain and autoflush system.
  • Modular (Delivery Hanging Cords).
  • Airotor points – 2 Nos.
  • Supreme Micromotor 35000 rpm with digital display of speed.
  • Three way syringe – 2 Nos.
  • Supreme Scaler with 5 Scaling Tips.
  • Beecool Turbo light cure.
  • SS instrument tray.
  • X-Ray viewer.
  • “SURGI” Dental operators stool.

With the body contoured electrically operated dental chair with right arm rotatable facility, LED Operating light, Mookambika Dental Chair is one of our affordable leading products.

A relaxed patient is always a positive factor, allowing dentists to carry out treatment to the very best of their abilities. Anatomically shaped to cradle the body, the chair always gives correct support, even where the patient is of small stature. Combined patient chair movements ensure correct alignment of the lower limbs and constant, proper support of the patient’s shoulders, thus preventing undesirable tension in the neck and shoulders themselves.

The headrest allows the patient to keep his/her head in a comfortable position without causing any compressions to the diaphragm and without causing a rush of blood to the head. With 2 Airotor points and 2 three way syringes, along with Supreme Scaler with 5 scaling Tips, it is very helpful while operating.

Optional Fittings


    • NSK Scaler (OEM) Unit with 3 Scaling Tips
    • NSK NLX nano micromotor 32,000rpm
    • NSK S-Max Pico ultra mini head handpiece
    • NSK Dyna LED handpiece
    • NSK Titanium Cellular Optic Airotor handpiece

Highlight – Faro Light

Even the sunlight affects the color perception; At changing of the seasons or hours of the day we see different colors. Therefore it is essential to have a good light source that can give accurate information to the doctor. The LED Operating light having 30000lux, on/off and intensity control by non-touch sensor with 3 directional movement can capture the tiny details of the operative field with minimal effort.

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Mookambika Dental Chair Basic Version