3M Unitek Smart Clip SL3(metal bracket U/L 5×5)

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  • Smooth radius surface for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Notched tie-wings for additional bicuspid identification.
  • Low profile self-ligating bracket.
  • Torque-in-base for level slot lineup and improved finishing.
  • Enhanced intelligent SL3 clip for easy wire engagement and disengagement.
  • Intelligent SL3 clip pre-programmed for release of the archwire.
  • Open, clean design for improved patient hygiene.
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The 3M™ SmartClip™ Self-Ligating Appliance System has an integral nickel-titanium clip that permits simple archwire insertion and removal, yet holding the archwire with a pre-programmed force, avoiding unintentional disengagement. Offered in your choice of the APC Adhesive coating, it features the 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive for enhanced bonding efficiency.



  •  Proprietary self-ligating clips can save valuable chair time during wire engagement and disengagement
  •  “Intelligent” clips that release the archwire if forces are excessive
  •  Provide selective ligation capability, allowing clinicians to engage the archwire in a single clip.
  •  Precisely finished nickel titanium clips and smooth radiused surfaces for enhanced patient comfort
  •  Offered in the MBT™ System prescription, as well as Ricketts (High Torque) and Roth (Low Torque) for desired treatment philosophy options
  •  Adhesive coating options for bonding efficiency
  •  Molar brackets with small, low-profile tie-wings for treatment flexibility
  •  Notched tie-wings for additional bicuspid identification
  •  Low profile for patient comfort
  •  Torque-in-base for level slot lineup
  •  Micro-etched, three-point contact base anatomical contouring for a better base-to-tooth fit
  •  Vertical scribe line for accurate bracket placement


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3M Unitek Smart Clip SL3(metal bracket U/L 5×5)

3M Unitek Smart Clip SL3(metal bracket U/L 5x5)

16,50018,511 (-11%)

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